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The Plants

Poli Romano Nurseries can offer you a wide choice in sorts, sizes and forms. We cultivate plants over a total surface of 23 hectares; 3 hectares of container grown plants, 18 hectares open field cultivated plants and 2 hectares of plants cultivated in hothouses or under shading for the varieties that  are more sensitive to low temperatures and to sun exposure. We cultivate our plants fully respecting the natural vegetation cycles: A major part of the palnts cultivated  open field are placed in containers in the period between November and April and they are sold anly 6 month later, which is the necessary time for them to develop new roots.


Our production includes:

• Evergreen and deciduous trees
• Evergreen and deciduous shrubs
Mediterranean plants (also various Palms)
Fruit trees
Shaped plants

Our specialization is:

• Olea europea
• Camellia japonica and sasanqua
• Laurus nobilis
• Rhyncospermum jasminoides
• Chamaerops excelsa e humilis
Ficus carica

Do not hesitate to contact us for details concerning varieties and sizes or for price quotations. We will be glad to send you our catalogue  enclosed with our very competitive price list. We can also forward, on request, digital pictures to assist you in the selection  of plants.