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Evergreen and deciduous trees

Trees in the height of their maturity , whether deciduous or evergreen , fruit or ornamental , are an important element in any garden , even those of limited proportions , where, with their majesty ( that does not necessarily mean large ) , give depth and perspective create intimate corners and secure areas . In summer, deciduous trees provide a pleasant shade, while in winter , through the bare branches , let the sunlight through. The evergreen plants , however, are valuable from the point of view of aesthetics especially in winter , when the garden does not offer much variety of colors. The trees have a very long life and bring great roots . It ' important to choose the right tree from the beginning to the right place and for the right purpose.
The deciduous trees (basically all fruit trees ) and a good portion of those ornaments will be planted by the end of October to end of March , depending on the climate of the area . Evergreen trees are planted from October to November or from March to April , when the soil is moist , but not freezing .