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The Company

Poli Romano Nurseries,  have been working for years with the aim of costantly improving the efficiency and  structure of the company in all its sectors: research, production, management, marketing and sale. Since we have at our disposal  a very fertile soil  and we work in an area with a high density of nurseries , we try to keep on with  the horticultural tradition of Pistoia sticking to  an environmentally friendly attitude and to  the love for the land.

This is how, with an environmentally friendly attitude, we can  grant  efficient services, high quality plants and competitive prices, having constant access to new markets.

We  can  offer  our customers a wide production  of outdoor ornamental plants, according to the highest quality standards.
You can place your orders by fax or e-mail, or you can do it personally by coming to choose your plants in our nurseries. If you visit us we will provide you with a multilingual expert adviser who will be glad to assist you.

During your visit in Pistoia we will accomodate you free of charge in the comfortable bedrooms of our newly refurbished farmhouse.

Every single order, once confirmed, is executed  with punctuality and accuracy.

Once the plants have been chosen  they are placed in metal baskets and transported to the loading area. They are then transferred on to the trucks. Only well experienced people are in charge of loading. It is in both yours and our interest that the plants get to you on time and in the best condition. The transport is carried out with our own trucks. If it is not possible we use trustworthy transport companies.

Our profesionnal team can also provide  after sale service on how to maintain or care for your plants.

We would like also to point out that we are able to arrange for  groupage and therefore we can accept  orders for small erquantities.